Chase Secret Womens Flare Jeans High Waist Stretch Bell Bottom Jeans Washed Wide Leg Denim Pants with Pockets Blue Petite

Chase Secret Womens Flare Jeans High Waist Stretch Bell Bottom Jeans Washed Wide Leg Denim Pants with Pockets Blue Petite

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Brand:Chase Secret
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Item Features
- This flare jeans provides extraordinary comfort and softness .along with excellent durability and wrinkle resistance.
- The unique pocket design draws attention to your waist.  
- These solid color flared jeans are perfect for everyday outfits. 
- The streamlined design elongates your legs and enhances your figure.
- Our women's fashion jeans have four waist buttons that create a slimming effect.
- Our bell bottom jeans are easy to match with tops .creating a trendy and avant-garde visual effect.
- Whether for everyday street style or casual gatherings . wide leg jeans show exceptional taste and a fashionable attitude.

Item Size  (If You Like Loose . Please Buy a Larger Size!)
    US 4---Trousers Waist 27.17"---Hip 35.04"---Bottoms 20.91"---Outseam 40.55"
    US 6---Trousers Waist 28.15"---Hip 36.08"---Bottoms 21.48"---Outseam 40.94"
    US 8---Trousers Waist 29.13"---Hip 37.01"---Bottoms 22.05"---Outseam 41.34"
    US 10---Trousers Waist 30.12"---Hip 37.99"---Bottoms 22.62"---Outseam 41.73"
    US 12---Trousers Waist 31.89"---Hip 39.57"---Bottoms 23.52"---Outseam 42.13"
    US 14---Trousers Waist 33.66"---Hip 41.14"---Bottoms 24.43"---Outseam 42.52"
    US 16---Trousers Waist 35.63"---Hip 43.11"---Bottoms 25.53"---Outseam 42.91"
    US 18---Trousers Waist 37.8"---Hip 45.08"---Bottoms 26.63"---Outseam 43.31"

Item Type
- High waist .button closure .two pockets
- Bell bottom jeans .flare jeans for women
- Flare bell bottoms for women ladies
- Sofia vergara collection jeans .flare jeans
- Sophia jeans for women .womens flare jeans

Item Q&A
Q1: Are Flare jeans stretchy?
A1: These jeans are very stretchy .if you feel they are not enough . you can buy one size up.
Q2: True to size?
A2: They are standard US sizes. We have size chart and shopping guide.  You can choose the size according to your figure.
Q3: What material is it made from?
A3: Made by 65%Cotton+33%polyester+2%Elastane .it is very comfortable to wear and fits the shin.
Q4: Does it has a smell?
A4: No smell at all . don't worry.
Q5: Is it the same color as in the picture?
A5: Yes . you would like the patch design.

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